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Eco Dog Wash & Daycare

Mon - Fri:  7 to 7
Sat: 10 to 5 Sun: 11 to 4

Self Wash and Basic Bath
Up To 1hr Before Closing
(7 Days)
Grooming By Appointment
(No Sundays)



I love dogs and this vibrant Mid City neighborhood. I've lived here for over 20 years and see some of the best dogs & dog parents in the whole of dog-happy LA. I created Eco Dog Wash & Daycare from years of experience about what's important for people and dogs and zeroed in on key services:

Bathing your dog at home can be a real hassle: soggy towels, tub wrestling and a very wet bathroom floor (walls, fixtures). Been there, done that. We offer you options and make it easy for your best friend to be Clean & Green. Our self wash tubs are available on first-come, first-serve basis up to one hour before closing time, 7 days a week. Step into one of 5 wash areas with a big, clean tub, ramp, and locking door. Don an apron and shampoo your pup with our signature eco-smart, eco-friendly grooming products, then towel off with our towels and/or blow him dry with the quietest, most efficient dryers we could find. Or we can give your pup a Basic Bath while you run errands or you can schedule an appointment (no Sundays) with a groomer when a Basic Bath isn't enough. Whichever choice you make, you leave the mess here and go home with a Clean & Green dog! You can also buy our eco-smart, eco-friendly grooming products to send as gifts to friends or buy our Simply Fresh spray for yourself to keep your dog (car & couch!) smelling great between baths.

I also know that daycare can make your life easier, but only if you know your best friend will be Safe & Sound -- whether you need an all day pass or simply an hour or two to do some local shopping in PicFair, see a movie, or make a last minute meeting in West Hollywood. Whether you need to be away for the evening, weekend or month, we also offer overnight care. We have separate areas for little and big dogs (click to see them on our web cams). Our team is experienced with all shapes and sizes of dogs and passionate about their safety and well-being. You can see our beloved pups at play, getting baths or napping in the sun in our FaceBook Photo Album

Good training can make a real difference for dogs and their families & communities so we partner with accredited and popular trainers to offer classes in sociability and behavior and will use our large, fenced parking area for fun & challenging agility classes. We'll also use this lot for neighborhood meet & greet gatherings and rescue events. And for those of you who just need a good referral, we keep a list of local dog walkers and other useful & fun services. We also routinely host visits from 1st Care Vets who provide high quality, affordable vet services for your dogs (and cats).

I look forward to meeting you & your 4-legged family!